Guys love getting a blowjob and most girls love it when he goes down her in return, but a lot of guys just don’t offer it up as often as women would like them to. Finding yourself in this position can be frustrating, but don’t let it get you down. Most guys who don’t offer it up are nervous about not doing it right, or they just simply don’t know that you want it. Use these sure-fire techniques to let him know you want more oral attention down below.

Getting him to go down on you

Most guys love it when a girl tells him exactly what she wants him to do to her, so why not just tell him straight out that you’re looking for oral sex? Most guys will think it’s hot to hear you talk so bluntly about sexual activities, but it can be intimidating for you as well. If you’re not quite ready to tell him that straight out, then try one of these more subtle ways you can direct his attention south.

Clean house. Start off by taking a shower with your guy if you’re worried about whether or not you’re fresh enough for him to get up close and personal with your private bits. Just don’t use a douche. Most doctors will recommend women to steer clear of douches as they get rid of the good bacteria your vagina needs to function properly. Besides, you don’t want to rinse away the smell of naturally produced pheromones that biologically attract him.

Trim the hedge. Guys are very visually stimulated, so trimming your pubic hair or getting a full wax will definitely make him more interested in putting his mouth down below. By trimming down, not only are you limiting the hairs he gets in his mouth (Ew) but you’re also giving him an excellently erotic view of your clitoris which will turn most guys on pretty fast.

69. While this may not be as subtle as you’re looking for, it will definitely get your point across. If you’re too shy to climb on top of him, putting yourself right in his face, lie down on your side, facing your partner, with your face near his member. Put him in your mouth, and slowly move your pelvis closer to his face. It’ll be a pretty good hint, and since you’re already pleasuring him, it would be selfish of him not to return the favor.

Nudge him. Nudge him, push him, whatever you want to call it, you may actually need to guide his head below the border. Let him know you love to be kissed all over your body. As he kisses your belly or your thighs, nudge his head towards your clitoris. Saying “kiss here, too” as you guide his head to your clit is a hint he can’t miss.

Close the deal. Once you’ve got him performing oral sex on you, you need to make sure he knows how much you’re enjoying yourself. If he wasn’t fast to go down there in the first place, it may be because he was nervous about not knowing exactly what to do. When he hits a good spot or does something that feels great, let him know with a moan of pleasure or a ‘yes, right there’. If he’s not quite hitting the spot, don’t be afraid to give him a couple one or two-word pointers such as ‘softer’, ‘slower’, ‘further up’, etc. Just try not to give him detailed instructions, or you might unintentionally offer a blow to his ego and he’ll never be going down on you again. That being said – make sure you tell him afterwards how hot it was and how great he is for doing it. The more you let him know you loved it, the more likely he is to go back.

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